17 Points to Remember

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1. A player should always be aware that his best opportunity to take a jump shot is after receiving the ball because the defense is not yet set.

2. If you want to become a good offensive player, the first thing to work on is your shooting.

3. A good offensive player should posses the ability to score after just two or less dribbles.

4. A good offensive player should not create opportunities for himself, but also for his teammates.

5. A good offensive player focuses on making a shot right after catching the ball.

6. To improve your shooting percentage, you must read the defense and use picks properly to create an open scoring opportunity.

7. A good shooting percentage also depends on how comfortable you are with your stroke and how confident you are.

8. A good shooter catches a pass at the depth of his shot and does not dip the ball.

9. Do you handle the ball well? I now you’ll said yes, but think first! A good ball handler posses a good ball control compensated with quickness.

10. Post players rely on their height and strength to score in the post, but having a great footwork is must though only few posses this skill.

11. Avoid too much dribbling. Be aware that dribbling should only be done if you want to go somewhere, avoid a five second violation, and create scoring opportunities.

12. A team’s pressure defense will be successful if they will caught the opposing team off-guarded and lacks patience.

13. Turnover are sometimes acceptable if and only if the opposing players defended you aggresively.

14. Be choosy with your moves to preserve energy to stay quick and effective.

15. Right after passing the ball, move immediately to create an opening for yourself.

16. A team’s zone defense will work if the opposing team is unsure of their offensive set.

17. To break the zone, attack very aggressive as if you are working against a man-to-man defense.

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  1. Thanks. Sometimes I get frustrated and dribble alot, it gets me very tired, then my lay up is weak and slow. Hope to put this points to practice.

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