An Overview Of ASEP’s Curriculum For Sports Officials And Administrators

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An Overview Of ASEP’s Curriculum For Sports Officials And Administrators

This is an overview of the various courses and programs that ASEP has made available for use by sports officials and administrators of youth sports organizations. Details of each specific program are given below.

Volunteer Officials Education Program

ASEP is currently developing a program that will address specific needs of youth sport officials. If you are interested in taking these courses, check the web site of ASEP regularly for updates on this program’s development.

Professional Officials Education Program

This ASEP program has been developed in tandem with the National Federation of State High School Associations or NFHS. Called the NFHS Officials Education Program, it aims to provide sports officials with high-quality instruction that is delivered completely online for maximum possible convenience.

One of the officials courses of the ASEP in the Bronze level is the NFHS Officiating Principles and Officiating Sport Methods course. These are initially available for basketball, baseball, soccer, football, wrestling, and softball, with more sports expected to be added in the future. All of these courses will be available online.

Sports officials who manage to successfully complete both the Officiating [Sport] Methods course and the NFHS Officiating Principles course for their particular sport will be awarded the ASEP Professional Official designation.


ASEP has put together an extensive collection of sports related resources that are tremendously useful for sports administrators of all types of youth level sports programs all over the country. These programs have been specifically designed to help sports administrators stay organized and better able to continue their professional development. One of the latest e-courses offered by ASEP is the Directing Youth Sports Program, which has been developed to address the needs of park and recreation sports directors and youth sport administrators. The program is comprised of more than 50 customizable forms, checklists, and practice exercises, all of which are available for download. In addition, a Sport Event Planner is also included, which is an invaluable tool for the planning of youth sport contests. Some of the other resources offered by ASEP are Organizing Successful Tournaments, More Fantastic Fundraisers for Sport and Recreation, and Risk Management in Sport and Recreation.

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