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An Overview of ASEP

One of the organizations at the forefront youth basketball coaching in the United States is the American Sport Education Program or ASEP. The program has been tackling the issue of how coaches should be trained ever since it was established in 1981. In line with its goals to implement and develop education courses that are geared towards youth basketball coaching, ASEP has put to use its resources and materials to educate well over one million coaches, game officials, basketball administrators, and parents for more than 20 years.

On the ASEP web site, which can be found at, you can view a list of all the program courses, purchase online versions of these courses, and learn more about other aspects of the program that are geared towards the needs of basketball coaches all over the country. These features can be found at the Curricula and Courses section of the web site.

Basketball coaches and game officials who manage to complete the ASEP courses will be listed on the National Coaches and Officials Registries of the program. This makes it easy for sports administrators to check on the qualifications of coaches and game officials online. Furthermore, these coaches and officials can also use these registries to brush up on their personal course history as well as to print transcripts of their records.

The web site of ASEP is clearly laid out, with a helpful navigation menu that allows any basketball coach, game official, administrator, or parent to find specific product information according to their needs. After you have purchased a course, you can then browse to your home page in order to access your course, take tests, or see your transcript.

Course instructors who are interested in Coaching Principles or Sport First Aid can access the Instructors’ Home Page, where they can purchase course packets, submit reports, and post scheduled courses on the course calendar.

Aside from these courses, ASEP also publishes a variety of instructional materials, among them books, videos, CD-ROMs, and DVDs that are intended for basketball coaches, game officials, administrators, and parents. You will be able to find a complete listing of these resources on the ASEP store, where materials produced by the parent organization of ASEP, Human Kinetics, are also available.


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