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Everything you wanted and more about basketball book club HERE

I just have recently be reading a book by John Wooden, and it was talking about how our society does not read enough any more. I am here, wanting to start a basketball book club. Though this basketball book club, I would like to pick a basketball book of the month. Then we have an open forum or reviews talking about the basketball book. John Wooden in his latest book talks about his father reading to him every night. I am wanting to go back to that old traditions and maybe you have a son, a friend, a wife, coach, or your looking to read with someone. Well, here we are offering the first ever basketball book club!

If your interested or would like to suggestion a book to read please email me at


  1. Good to see that you are still doing your thing on this website. Hopefully you remember meeting me last year. I am still interested in figuring out a way that we can both help each other. Anyway, if you are interested in becoming a Contributor on my company’s blog post on there ( and let me know, maybe you could do a bi-weekly post like some of my other contributors.

  2. Great job on your website.

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  3. Interesting to know.

  4. I just read Overtime, a story of basketball, love lost and found and redemption. It is by a little know author Howie Thompson, his website is above. This is an excellent story, with great basketball action, and a look at a side of College Basketball most people don’t get to see. I would highly recommend this for your Club

  5. Thats a definitely excellent article with needed Info. Many thanks for your aid.

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