Basketball Conditioning To Improve In Agility Ladder Drills

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Basketball Conditioning To Improve In Agility Ladder Drills

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These types of drills are commonly used in other sports like football or soccer, but they can also offer a lot of benefits to basketball players in terms of improving their foot speed and agility.
There are many types of drills you can perform with an agility ladder. Here are some of the most basic ones:

  • The one foot hop-this involves going through each box by hopping on one foot at a time and then repeating the whole course with the other foot.
  • The two foot hop-this is exactly the same as the one foot hop, only this using both feet. High knees-this involves going through the boxes while lifting your knees up high.
  • Two feet in each box-this involves running through the ladder by first stepping into a box with your right foot and then placing your left foot into the same box, going through all the rest of the boxes in this manner
  • One foot in each box-this is the same as the “two feet in each box” drill, but with only one foot landing in each box.
  • Sideways one foot in each box-this is done by sliding to your side while putting one foot in each box.
  • Sideways two feet in each box-this is the same as the above drill, but this time both feet hit the ground in each box.

    1. Jumping rope is also great to improve your agility.

      What you basically do is, instead of jumping with both legs, jump with one. Then switch the other but with no rest. Do it for a minute. Jump with your left leg for 30 seconds then immediately switch the leg.

      This is to improve your foot speed and balance as well.

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