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Very Impressive Person

He greets everyone with a smile
And a hearty handshake;
And makes you feel he means it
When he says he’s glad to meet you.

And he makes you glad you met him.

He walks with a sprightly
And speaks with a laugh in his voice.
He listens with interest
And speaks with conviction,

And makes you fell you’ve known him all yo would like your life.

He doesn’t seem to try to impress,
Yet he’s most imppressive.
He never tries pressing to persuade,
Yet you always come away convinced.
He’s the kind of guy we enjoy being around

Because he is what we all secretly would like to be-
Someone who enjoys being himself.

Not another Teen

There must be more out there
There must be something deeper

Than this surface identity
This worldly life

Typical teens
The world’s full of them
We don’t need any more

But it’s the easy way

We always take the easy way
I want to be different
To stand out
It won’t be easy
But I don’t care
I’m going to be a servant

Until I die
For service gives you the wings
to learn to fly

To Fly above the helplessness
And emptiness you fell from inner-city missions

To Christmas for the homeless
I don’t car where I go
As long as I’m God-sent
I trust you Lord
Almighty God

To lead me where you please

All I ask is that you are there
Forever, Lord, with me

-Daniell Hurley


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