Can They Rise Up and Dunk?

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ESPN RiseBoston Celtics guard Nate Robinson, Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, Jason Richardson of the Phoenix, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James of the Miami… All of these NBA Stars have one thing in common. Yes they are all famous but what made them more exciting to watch are their breathtaking and jaw-dropping dunks.

We can safely say that Basketball Players always look to dunk the ball. But most of the young and budding players doesn’t have the gift of having a high vertical leap. And if you are one of the players who are not capable of dunking, don’t lose hope because someday, you might be able to do so by having a proper training.

Like the seven basketball high school players that will be partipating in the “Can He Dunk?” challenge that was launched by ESPN Rise and Stronger Team. The seven lucky participants are not capable of dunking the ball but they will undergo a 10-week rigorous training program to help them improve their vertical leap.

This project aims to give inspiration to all the young players out there and also to dislodge all the claims of fraud trainers who are offering to improve a players vertical jump in just two weeks. All the seven participating players’ progress will be tracked by having a dunk attemp every two weeks. But the program doesn’t give any guarantee that all or even of them will be able to dunk. It just aims to show real players attaining results from proper trainings.

The seven players will be having different workouts based on their individual weaknesses.

This program will be very helpful to all young players and coaches and trainers as well. The Can He Dunk? Challenge is very informative program that you should never miss.

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  1. Alan Stein is one of the few coaches who use a legitimate strategy to help players jump higher. He doesn’t mess around with crazy promises of 50″ vertical jumps. He uses strategies that will avoid injuries and maximize benefits. kudos to him for being one of the few legit guys out there.

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