Early Offense – Early Push

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Early Offense – Early Push

A good early offensive flow prevents the defending team from setting up their pre-planned defense by forcing the defenders to “react” rather than “act”. When the early offense is able to advance the ball into the operating area within 2-3 seconds, it forces the defenders to break down of their organized defense. This scenario can force a 1 on 1 situation and if the offensive player is creative enough, he may be able to produce a high percentage field goal attempt. Pushing for early offense before the defense can set-up can also create mismatches to the disadvantage of the defending team. Most early offense plays depend on quick inbounds and pass advance to reach the offensive operating area before the defenders can set-up in the front court.

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  1. A great time to get that early push is off a bad shot with a quick outlet and 4 other players running the break. My college coach never let-up on how a bad shot on one end leads to a dunk/lay-up or open 3 on the other end. It’s a great idea to work that early push.

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