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jump 4 fun, jump for fun

Jump to Warm-up Fun!

Warm ups are essential in any jumping workout program. Jump roping
is a total body exercise and it is important that all muscles be
recruited in the warm-up since the workout is a quick anaerobic and
plyometric activity. Flexibility is also important in jump roping.
It helps elongate the muscles and provide the tension that is
essential to jumping rope. The following provides a list of good

warm-up exercises for jump roping.

March in Place

Place the jump rope in front of you and push it back and forth as
you march in place. Marching is a total lower body movement.

Shoulder Shrug

Stand up straight with your arms at your sides and your feet a

little apart, knees slightly bent. Make a small forward circle with
both shoulders at the same time. Continue to circle your shoulders
forward five more times. Then, circle your shoulders backwards. Be
sure to stretch out your arms, wrists and digits. Upper body
strength is gained in the front and back deltoids.

Upper Torso

Stretch your waist, head, neck in a circular motion with the front,
left, right, back, and forward. Stretch out the arms with the palms
facing toward the person and flex wrists up and down. This exercise
is great for the middle back.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Kneel with your right foot forward, left knee back. Lean forward

with your hips facing forward, keeping your body upright. Bend over
your right knee and do not allow it go over your toe. Contract your
buttocks under and repeat for the other leg. This exercise
stretches the inner and outer thighs.

Standing Calf Stretch

Stand with your hands about shoulder-width apart against the wall,

left knee bent, and right leg straight and extended back. Press the
right heel into the floor. Repeat with the left leg back. This is
a great exercise for the gastrocnemious, tibialis, peroneus longus,
and the extensors and flexors of the foot.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Stand with your right leg forward and left knee slightly bent. Bend

at the waist and reach both arms toward the left toe toward the
fingers. This motion recruits the biceps femoris and the sartorius

Knee Up

Stand up straight with your arms at your sides, your feet a little
apart and your knees slightly bent. Keep your body straight while

raising your right knee until you can grasp your just below the knee
with both hands. Pull your knee upward as high as you can toward
the chest. If it hurts, you are pulling your knee too high. Slowly
lower your right leg to the starting position. Raise and lower your
left knee in the same way. Repeat the exercise five times with each
leg. This activity employs the thigh abductors, flexors, and leg

adductors and extensors.

Walk Like Spot

Stand up straight with your arms at your sides, feet a little
apart. Lift your right heel high off the ground, while keeping your
right toes off the ground. Your weight is on your left foot. As
you lower your right heel to the ground, lift the left foot high off

the ground, keeping the left toes on the ground. Your weight is on
your left foot. Continue walking by alternating your heels for one
minute. The foot flexors and extensors are used.

Do not forget the next time you jump rope to warm-up first. Warm-
ups will lessen muscle soreness later and prevent injury.

Jumping Basics 101

Jumping rope is a fun skill. In the following article, I would like
to share some fun and useful methods for single jump roping.

Double- Side Swing

Hold one rope handle in each hand. Swing the rope to the right two
times, then open it and jump over it. Do not cross your hands.
Hands are close together when swinging the rope and far apart when

jumping. Reach to the left side. Practice this swing by going
right and then left, alternately.

Single-Side Swing

Swing the rope on only one side of your body, then open and jump
over it. Swing and jump on the other side. Practice this motion
and then try it with the left side.

Single Jump

Jump once with both feet for every turn of the rope.Double Jump

Jump twice with both feet for every turn of the rope.

Backward Swing

Using the rope backwards, try jumping with the rope landing behind

you as it touches the ground.

Easy Rocker

Place one foot ahead of the other. Jump with weight on the front
foot, leaning forward slightly. Shift weight to the back foot and
jump again, leaning backwards slightly. Practice with the rope
turning slowly at first and then, turn the rope faster as the rocker

step becomes easier for you.


On the first turn, jump sideways to the right and on the second turn
jump sideways to the left. Imagine you are jumping side-to-side
across a line each time you jump the rope.

Mountain Climber

Start in a stride position with one foot in front of the other. As
the rope passes underfoot, the jumper jumps into the air and
reverses the position of the feet.

X- Jump

Begin by jumping off both feet, sideways apart. On the second pass
of the rope, turn and jump with the right foot in front of the

left. On the third turn of the rope, straddle feet apart. On the
fourth turn, cross the left foot in front of the right.


Jump twice with your right foot, then twice with your left foot.
Continue to jump twice on each foot.


Using a running step, step over the rope with first the right and
then the left foot. Continue to alternate the foot forward, taking
one jump for each step. Repeat, stepping over the rope with first
the left foot, then the right.

Side Straddle

Stand with feet together. On the first turn of the rope, jump with

feet shoulder-width apart. On the second turn of the rope, jump
with feet together again. Repeat the sequence.

Forward Straddle

Start with feet together. On the first turn of the rope, jump with
feet apart so that your right foot is in front of your left. On the
second turn of the rope, jump so that your foot is in front of the

right again.

Stations with Jumping Rope

Stations can incorporate any of the jumps listed above. The next
section details stations you can incorporate into your jump roping.

Short Rope Tricks

Practice the tricks you have learned. Try to jump in counts of four

and eight.

Collaborate Skipping

Practice rope jumping with a partner using one rope.

Skill-Builder Idea

Using the tricks you have learned, combine them to create a new
trick. Give your trick a new name.

Jumping Jingles

Come up with a new jump rope rhyme that skippers can take turns
reciting and turning the rope.

Rope Challenger

Choose a trick from one of the tricks that you have learned and
perform it. Help others in your group describe and illustrate the

trick to show other classes how to do it.

High Step

Swing the rope around and jump over it with one foot, lifting knee
to waist level. From this position, swing the rope around again and
jump over it with the alternate foot, lifting your knee to waist
level. Continue alternating feet while jogging in place. Keep back

and head straight, and stay on the balls of your feet.

If you are looking for a high caloric burn that is easy, try jump
roping. For more ideas, be sure to check out the sites and books I
have listed below!

Colgate, Brenda. Silly Willy pre-jump rope skills. Freeport, NY:
Educational Activities, 1999.

Hiphopper Inc. Rope round the world jump rope workout. 2000.

Hugh, Sarah. Let’s jump rope. New York: n.p., 2000.

Kids can Jump. New York: Multimedia Publications, 1997.

Lee, Buddy. Jump Rope Training. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2003.

Thanks to Fit 4 Fun Fitness which is a great resource of fitness ran by a great teacher, fitness trainer, and much more named Christian Chapan

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