Basketball Defense Drills: Jump To The Ball Defense

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Everything you wanted and more about Jump To The Ball HERE

Basketball Defense Drill #2:

Jump to the Ball Defense

The best way I was taught Jump to the Ball Defense was the idea to think that you are chained to the ball and where ever the ball goes you have to jump to the ball. You stay low at all times while literally sprinting or jumping to the ball which will be new position towards the ball, while keeping your eyes on both you man and the ball. Always us your fingers which we taught to be your pistols to shoot down your man and the ball. So point at the ball and man at all times this will help you keep an eye on both. Also, most coaches want communication between players on the court. So every time you jump to the ball your calling out or yelling out help, deny, or ball. Though the three positions that you should be on. Either you man as the Ball, and your calling ball and keeping him in front. Your one pass a way so your in denial position calling out deny. Or Help that means the ball is on the side of the court and you in the middle of the court which most coaches want you under the basketball if your low or if your up then at least in the middle of the court while calling out help. In this position it’s very important to keep an eye on ball and man, because your man might be cutting or the ball might be skipped you have to stop either/or. Jump to the ball defense is nothing new, but it’s a good to learn early in your years of playing.

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