Basketball Passing Drill: Machine Gun Passing

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Everything you wanted and more about Basketball Passing Drill HERE

basketball passing drills:

v cut passing
man in the middle passing

star passing
corner passing

10 good made passes in a row
circle with d in the middle

2 line passing race
3 man weave passing

2 on 1 passing
maching gun passing

50 made passes

machine gun pass – 4-9 players in a circle, 2 balls.
Player in middle passes balls around the circle.
Instruct outside players to release the pass to the
center the same time the player in the center releases
the pass to the next outside player. If you have
enough kids for 2 groups, have them race to 100
passes. Rotate middle player to outside after passing
to everyone around the circle 2 times.

More Basketball Passing Drill and Keys for becoming a Good Passer:

Good form using two hands and a good wrist motion where your palms are facing out and your thumbs are facing the player you passed to.

Start off early by throwing hard passes. Get good habits and this is one to get!

When in transition and running with a big man always throw a bounce pass

Always throw to the outside hand or away from the defender

When passing on the run remember to lead the player

Make Crisp passes

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