Ray Allen’s Deadly Shooting Prowess

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82989560EG031_INDIANA_PACERThe Boston Celtics has been successful in their campaign in the past three seasons in the NBA and one the key reasons why is the sharp-shooting of Ray Allen that complements the skills of Power Forward Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

Ray Allen is one of the best three-point shooters to have ever played in the NBA and he was the Three-Point Shootout Champion in the 2001 All-Star Weekend.

Having proper balance while shooting, is one of the factors in having a great shooting percentage. For an accurate shooting percentage, the shooter should go up and straight down. And Ray Allen has one of the best shooting forms not only in the NBA but in the whole world.

Allen has been a sharpshooter throughout his NBA career. Whether the shot is an open or a crucial one, it’s almost expected that it will go in. This talent has been honed through hard work and spending a lot of hours in practicing it.

Dave Hopla was one of the persons that can be credited with Allen’s shooting prowess. When Allen was still playing for the University of Connecticut, he joined forces with Hopla, who is tagged as a master in teaching shot technique.

“He has perfect form—the best-looking shot in the NBA. He can shoot the three-ball; he can shoot off the bounce; he has a midrange game; and he can even post up. Every time he shoots, he truly believes it is going in.” Hopla said about his prized ward.

Although he was responsible in honing the lethal stroke of Allen, Hopla said that Allen has unique qualities in putting the ball in the basket. He added that the Boston Celtics Shooting guard has an amazing focus when shooting the ball, which is a vital factor of having a great shooting percentage.

“When I first met him, I noticed right away that he looked me right in the eye—his gaze didn’t wander. His eyes are always zeroed in on what you’re doing and telling him.” Hopla said.

Ray Allen’s shooting prowess gave him a lot of success in his career. He averaged more than 20 points per game in eight consecutive seasons in the league and holds the record of having the single-season three point conversions (269 made shots in a season).

Ray Allen’s shooting form and focus is a best example for players who want to improve their shooting. But a lot of dedication and hard work is also needed and as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”.

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