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Early Offense – Early Push

Posted By on Feb 4, 2008

Early Offense – Early Push A good early offensive flow prevents the defending team from setting up their pre-planned defense by forcing the defenders to “react” rather than “act”. When the early offense is able to advance the ball into the operating area within 2-3 seconds, it forces the defenders to break down of their organized defense. This scenario can force a 1 on 1 situation and if the offensive player is creative enough,...

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Introduction to Early Offense, Fast Break The Need for Early Offense – Fast Break If you’re on the offensive end, pushing the ball for an early offense is a vital part in play to disrupt the defensive set-up by the opposing team. Early offense forces the defenders to “react” on the ball movement rather than “act” (attack). The main idea here is to advance the ball quickly into the front court and attack the defense before the...

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